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We are a private Practice, based in Medici Medical Center on Scott Street in Toowoomba. We offer premium quality medical services for Women including Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Fertility and Ultrasounds.

Dr Anthony Cerqui has decades of experience and have been involved directly in the delivering of more than 12,000 babies and the care of many more pregnant and non-pregnant women. Both doctors share the same interest in the speciality including low and high risk pregnancy, general gynaecology, minimally invasive surgery also called “Keyhole surgery”, pelvic organ repair, infertility and IVF. They will be working along with their 2 experienced, friendly and approachable midwives Mrs Lynette Hallewell and Mrs Melissa Gay.

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Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
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Women's Health Only | Dr. Anthony Cerqui
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